Top Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney

Posted by KDAOJan 06, 20160 Comments

Do you need an attorney when you file for divorce? Legally speaking you don't. Yet before you move forward with your plans to divorce without proper legal representation, take the time to consider the reasons as to why hiring an attorney is a wise move.

chciago1. Expert Legal Advice
The decisions you make during a divorce have far-reaching consequences. Your attorney will provide legal and even financial advice to ensure that you are thinking through all of the ramifications of those decisions. This will protect you from agreeing to give up support, property, or custody when it's in your best interests to fight for these rights.

2. Reduced Stress
Divorcing is stressful. Even amicable divorces bring a measure of emotional stress. Having an attorney on your side helps reduce some of that stress, because your attorney will ensure that everything is handled legally. Other than providing information and making a few decisions, the attorney will handle everything about the case, leaving you with the energy to care for yourself and your family during a difficult time.

3. Limit Mistakes
Mistakes in divorce documentation can delay the process, drive up costs, and make your stress level even greater. An attorney who has performed many divorces in your state is far less likely to make mistakes.

4. Emotional Support
The emotional toll of divorce is high. While your attorney's primary goal is to provide legal advice, you may find that having someone to talk things out with can reduce emotional anxiety as well. Family lawyers know how to handle the emotions of divorce, and can provide a measure of support during a difficult time.

5. Knowing What to Expect
If you are facing your first divorce, you likely have many questions about “what comes next?” Your lawyer will help you understand the procedures that are involved in the divorce process. This ensures that you are never surprised by a document you are asked to sign or a request to appear in court.

The divorce process involves high levels of emotions and intense periods of stress. Having a lawyer on your side can ensure that you don't make mistakes, have undue levels of worry, or enter the process without fully understanding what to expect.