KDAO and its corporate attorneys can assist your corporation or business with the advice that your business requires. Whether it is assistance in formation and maintenance of your business entity, capitalization, transactions, corporate governance, or succession planning, KDAO attorneys can help.

Business Formation

In many situations, the choice of business entity is a crucial one. The choice of which entity under which to operate your business can have wide ranging effects on how you and equity holders are taxed, how to obtain future capital, and the extent of protection from liability. KDAO helps clients decide based on their business's circumstances which business entity to form, whether a C corporation, a subchapter S corporation, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or one of the various partnerships.
Once a form is chosen, our corporate attorneys can prepare for you the range of documents required for the formation, registration, and administration of your business including any articles of incorporation, shareholder, partner, or member agreements, and by-laws.


In both obtaining capital for operation of your business and distribution of profits, KDAO's corporate attorneys can assist you in the myriad legal steps required. In obtaining capital, we assist in negotiation of loans and the legal preparation required for taking on new shareholders, members, or partners. In distribution of profits, our attorneys can advise as to legal compliance and prepare the necessary documents.


Formation is not the end of a business's contact with the law. Actions taken by the business continue to be governed both by the agreements made in formation of the business and federal and state law. Attorneys at KDAO have experience providing businesses with counsel on the legal issues that arise during the normal course of business.
In addition to normal issues that arise in governance of a business, sometimes differences of opinion arise amongst owners or between owners and management. In the best-case scenario, a carefully crafted formation agreement will provide solid answers, but in many cases, it is necessary to litigate the issue. KDAO corporate law attorneys are prepared to assist you with these governance disputes.

Succession Planning

Oftentimes, a small business is very important to the financial wellbeing of the family that owns it, and control and governance of it takes on special significance. Delicate attention is required to ensure that the wishes of the owners are met while complying with all relevant law. The corporate law attorneys at KDAO have experience providing the level of control that clients desire in planning the future of the business. Please contact us at (847) 590-8700, so that we can discuss how KDAO may be of service in your corporate law matter.