The attorneys at KDAO assist banks, mortgage servicers, and other financial institutions in a wide variety of matters, including compliance, commercial lending, foreclosures, workouts, and commercial real estate transactions.  Our attorneys will actively pursue and apply the legal strategies most suited to each particular business and business environment. 


Attorneys at KDAO aggressively negotiate and litigate business agreements and contract disputes and all other agreements resulting in unpaid obligations.  We are able to give the necessary guidance to creditors and lenders to inform them of the costs and benefits of each collection strategy, allowing them choices and providing flexibility. Doing so ensures that clients get as much of what they are entitled to as possible, while maintaining an effective and efficient strategy.


Our attorneys assist banks, property managers, and other businesses in pursuing the actions necessary to commence evictions of nonpaying and holdover tenants, both commercial and residential, as well as post-foreclosure evictions.


Attorneys at KDAO can assist banks and servicers in negotiation of and preparation of documents in a broad range of lending transactions.  These transactions can quickly become complex, and careful guidance and attention to detail is essential in order to attain the goals of the business.

Our attorneys can also prepare financial instruments to facilitate private loans and other credit extensions between businesses.  With proper attention to the law and the business situations of both parties, it is possible to forge creative solutions to business problems that create more value than one-size-fits-all loans. Please contact us at (847) 590-8700 to discuss how KDAO may be of service in your banking and finance matter.


KDAO assists lenders and mortgage servicers in foreclosures of both residential and commercial properties. KDAO has represented lenders and servicers for over 25 years in virtually all aspects of litigation, from the initiation of the foreclosure to the collection of judgment, REO closings, and evictions.  Our attorneys handle all matters arising within the foreclosure litigation from a default foreclosure to a case with complex and contested claims.  In all of the matters we handle, KDAO is committed to providing value-based services to efficiently achieve the lender's goals.