For over 30 years our office has been defending those facing any and all criminal charges, from traffic matters to Federal crimes, and we have the legal defense team you need protect your rights.  Our extensive trial experience gives us a unique insight in criminal defense practice, and every case is given the attention and time you deserve.  The state has the entire burden of proof and must convince a jury of your peers that you are, in fact, guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” on every element of the crime charged. That is a very high burden of proof. Why? It is because the state, or government, has virtually limitless resources against you, an individual citizen. With today's renewed focus on police conduct and abuses by prosecutors, juries are now very cynical about arrests and whether someone is truly guilty.

In civil cases, the only real issue is usually money. In contrast, criminal cases involve a person's freedom. Consequently, we take criminal defense very seriously. In our civil practice, we are always willing and able to fight for our clients all the way to trial if needed. It is the same with our criminal cases. If prosecutors think we will always accept a “plea bargain,” we may not be getting the best deal for our clients. Where we find legal or police error, we will file motions with the court to suppress evidence, or in some situations, even dismiss cases. If we do not find legal error, we carefully review all of the state's evidence and then sit down with you to personally review the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We will answer your questions and then make recommendations. Of course, the ultimate decision of whether to proceed to trial or accept a plea offer is always yours. We are there to guide and advise you, but you remain in charge of your case throughout the entire process. Criminal law is complex and somewhat scary. You have a lot on the line. Try not to worry. We will be beside you every step of the way. You can count on us to do our very best on your behalf.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

If we feel there is legal error in a ruling on a motion or a jury wrongfully convicts you, you have the option of filing an appeal to a higher court.  Appeals are often used in correcting legal mistakes or errors of law. It is an important tool in ultimately seeking and finding true justice in a criminal case. In many cases, families will come to us where a different law firm has lost a case, and they are seeking answers and options.

Even if you start with another lawyer, we will be here to fight for you if you wish to appeal a lower court ruling. Keep in mind that there are rigid deadlines and relatively quick windows of opportunity to file a notice of appeal. If these deadlines are missed, there is often no further recourse no matter what the reason. That is why it is imperative to consult with us as soon as you can to see what else can be done. Call us now at (847) 590-8700 for a review of your situation.