Businesses face a variety of complex issues from day to day.  With appropriate legal guidance, businesses can cost-effectively mitigate or avoid legal problems, as well as use the potential opportunities the law may provide to enable the company to grow and to achieve their ends as a business.

The attorneys at KDAO assist business clients in negotiation and preparation of documents for all manner of commercial transactions including real estate acquisitions, capital restructuring, debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and other large purchases.  In addition to contractual concerns, our lawyers can assist in setting up businesses, forming new joint ventures, and assisting financial institutions, trade associations, and nonprofit organizations.

Commercial Transactions

The bigger the transaction, the more potential legal and practical pitfalls may arise, which is why it is it often a business necessity to retain transactional counsel in corporate transactions of larger scope and greater complexity.  In many of these transactions, it may be necessary to draft more than a conventional contract.  In fact, many of the issues may be beyond the realm of the simple, including contemplation of the various legal structures affecting the transaction.  It may be necessary to go through multiple rounds of negotiation and it may even be necessary to go through the negotiation of letters of intent before moving forward to finalizing the end contract.

While signing a commercial lease, or purchasing a commercial property, may seem quite straightforward and safe, experienced transactional attorneys have the skills necessary to avoid sticky situations and protect their client's interests, in addition to being able to spot potential areas to add value to each transaction.

In addition to everyday commercial real estate transactions, our attorneys can assist in various tax-favorable transactions including 1031 exchanges.  1031 exchanges allow the taxpayer to defer capital gains or losses by exchanging like-kind property, typically business-related real estate for other business-related real estate.   

Corporate Matters

In addition to transactions with other businesses, businesses face their own internal legal constraints from their own formation documents and by-laws, state law and federal securities regulations.  Without appropriate legal guidance, businesses can easily run afoul of these laws and contractual obligations, creating unnecessary headaches and potentially wasting profits. 

The attorneys at KDAO advise business management in the execution of their duties and can provide comprehensive guidance on the law as it affects proposed and current actions taken by the business.

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