Why You Need a Lawyer When Buying Property

Posted by KDAODec 20, 20150 Comments

When you are buying a home and looking at thousands of dollars of expenses, the last thing you want to do is consider adding the costs of an attorney to the mix. Yet, smart homebuyers will invest in an attorney to ensure their transaction is a wise purchase, and that they do not face any costly surprises in the process of buying a home. The home buying process is a complex one, and here are five ways an attorney can help.

1. Avoiding Liens and Other Problems
If a home has a lien against it, and you buy the home without realizing it, that lien becomes your problem. An attorney will perform a thorough title search to ensure there are no encumbrances, such as liens, on the property. This proves that the seller has a legal right to sell, and avoids any problems or unexpected costs that come from buying a home with hidden problems.

2. Review of Critical Documents
Buying a home is a complex legal agreement. From the mortgage loan documents to the offer and the sales contract, you have a number of documents that could include errors that put the legality of your purchase in jeopardy. An attorney will inspect these and ensure that everything is properly filled out and submitted, so your home is legally yours.

3. Understanding Legal Terminology
Have you taken the time to read the terms on your mortgage or sales contract? Do you really understand them? As you enter into the negotiation and purchase process, you are going to come across many instances when “legalese” makes understanding documents and processes difficult. Lawyers are experts in these terms and can help explain them in a way you understand.

4. Someone Representing Your Interests
A lawyer has one goal in mind – to keep your interests protected. Having a lawyer ensures there is someone on your side helping you keep your best interests in mind throughout the process.

5. Help Saying “No”
What happens when the inspection shows a serious problem? A lawyer can help you legally back out of a contract so you can move on to the next property instead of buying a property that could prove to be a disappointing investment.

The real estate purchase process is filled with potential pitfalls. Protect yourself from these by hiring an experienced real estate attorney to help with the process.