Common Interest Community Association Representation in Chicago and Suburbs

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The Chicago area has numerous condominium, townhome, homeowners' and other common interest community associations, which govern community living. The legal issues surrounding community association living can be difficult to navigate. These legal concerns can involve everything from real estate and business law to contracts, assessment collection and litigation. Because of this complex mix of legal concerns, common interest community associations need the services of a skilled and committed legal team experienced in all aspects of common interest community representation.

Klein, Daday, Aretos & O'Donoghue, offers the services of a legal representative for condominium, townhome, homeowners' and other common interest community associations throughout the Windy City and suburbs, helping you with all aspects of managing your community.

Comprehensive Common Interest Community Association Legal Services
Our law firm offers a comprehensive list of legal services for condominium, townhome, homeowners' and other common interest community associations, including help with:

  • Drafting and amending governing documents
  • Creating and maintaining the association's status as a non-profit corporation
  • Assessment collection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Property tax concerns

In addition, once all of the proper legal documents are in place, our team will assist with enforcing the governing documents, so all members of your community will be guaranteed a safe and comfortable place to live. Our attorneys assist with other details, like new construction concerns or vendor contracts, to ensure you are able to offer a full gamut of services to your community members, all while maintaining compliance with the Illinois Condominium Property Act, the Common Interest Community Association Act and other pertinent statutes.

Protecting the Rights of the Association Board of Managers
At KDAO, we assist our association clients by helping the board members and the association by protecting and enforcing its rights against property owners, vendors and community members. Our team will provide our clients with a full range of tools to enforce compliance to HOA guidelines and bylaws, and also assist with collection of dues to ensure the association can remain strong.

Whether you have a legal question or concern, need legal help to set up new documentation or facing soaring legal fees and need representation, KDAO's comprehensive condominium and homeowners' association services will serve you well. Contact the KDAO team today to get the advice, representation and service you need.